Great many people these days spend each and every day sitting around in the office. While it’s common knowledge that no good can come out of such way of life, few people bother with taking action and doing something about it. Meanwhile, continuous sitting can not only stiffen your muscles but result in something more serious many years from now. If you’re sufficiently convinced to take better care of yourself, read on to learn about five ways how you can prevent sitting around all day.

1. Rethink your desk

Adjustable desk

Instead of using a standard office desk, opt for an adjustable one. With it, you can either sit or stand while working, which will effectively reduce your chair time at least by half. Or, if you have a long day of meetings that require sitting for hours, you can stand the whole time to balance out the sitting. These are the things that can eliminate those afternoon slumps.

2. Treadmill desk combo

Treadmill desk

Image credit: Business Insider

If you are the type that only paces around the office when on a call, try out a treadmill desk to reverse the situation. While it may look unusual, it’s certainly worth it. You will be able to both walk and type simultaneously, taking breaks when your phone rings.

3. Fitness trackers

Fitness tracker Fitbit

If you fall off track because you’re not holding yourself accountable, you may want to work on that. Fitness trackers, such as Fitbit, keep people aware of how much time they spend sitting around each day. It will also count your steps for you, so be sure to make the most out of your free time. Raise that steps’ counter while you’re on a call or just taking a five-minute break. It is recommended to get at least 10,000 steps daily.

4. Avoid standing all day

Avoid standing all day

Working while standing is not easy to get used to and could take a while. One mistake that many make when starting out is standing a whole day long, only to get home and realize that sitting is all you have the energy left for. To avoid that, decide when to sit and when to stand. For example, sit only when writing and stand up to check email.

5. Treat your feet

Jobs that make you stand all day

There are many women that have the exact opposite issue: instead of having a desk job that requires sitting all day, they’re standing their entire shifts. If this is the type of job you have, then we recommend that you wear thick socks and inserts for cushioning. Having a couple pairs of shoes to switch out every few days and soaking in Epson salt baths helps too.

Whatever method you choose, it’s important to always stay aware of your health. If the chosen technique is somehow uncomfortable, don’t try to power through. Determine the cause of discomfort and research how you can battle it. If all else fails, keeping a healthy lifestyle and planning a diet can go a long way as well!