There are two types of people in this world: the ones that are able to put on false eyelashes during an elevator ride and those who can’t do it put their life on it. The majority of the world’s population is the latter.

Great news though: there has been a launch of a one of a kind new beauty tool that is fixing to change the lash game. Get ready for Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator. It’s a false eyelash dispenser as well as applicator that will let you put your lashes on easier at home. Thanks to this innovation, putting falsies on are just a few clicks away.

How to use Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator

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It is similar to a staple gun that has lots of lashes. The truth is, it just isn’t that scary. This device almost looks like whiteout tape, but instead of white out it gives you faux lashes.

Here is how this device works: It’s a small dispenser that has 44 sets of lashes. You wind the scroll until 3 sets are on top. Then just click the button in the front to lock the strip in place, apply lash glue and let it dry for 15 seconds. This will give you more hold and extra grip once your lashes have been applied.

The application is really easy because of the curved design. This allows it to be positioned easily along your lash line and makes sure that your elbow isn’t in a weird position. Once you have it lined up, click the large release button to press and glue your falsies in place. If you want to add more lashes just wind the scroll and the cartridge will add new lashes. This is where you are able to repeat the process until your lashes have been fully flared and as full as you want.

If that still sounds a bit hard to do, just know that there is help. The device has NFC or near field communications technology. This allows you to tap or wave your phone over your device to signal a tutorial. It takes a few practice runs to get the use of the device down. Even though most of us are false challenged, it only takes about 3 minutes to really master it.

Flirt Cosmetics produces it

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The genius of this device is Flirt Cosmetics, and if you happened to be a millennial baby, you may not recognize this label, but it used to be on the shelves of Kohl’s.

So, don’t be fooled, it isn’t a relaunch. It just a new focused brand that has a unique direction. There are creative minds that are bring Flirt back to life again.

In order to make it the next viral social beauty tool of the century, the whole direction of the brand was changed and made simple. Just make it good, make it fun, and make it freaky. And they have nailed it.

If you want to get more groundbreaking news from Flirt, then just wait because they plan to roll out a series of star products and start some serious buzz in your newsfeeds.