This could be the year to build some serious muscle. What do you think? To do that, you will probably have to address some mistakes you may have made in the past and eliminate anything that’s been holding you back from hitting your goals.

Check out these seven muscle tips – they will get you started.

#1 Train 3-4 days per week

It’s impossible to build yourself a head-turning physique unless you have at least three days of serious training every week. You need to be able to commit to 3 days as the bare minimum. This can mean three strength-training sessions with one sprint workout or three strength-training sessions with conditioning after two to three of those workouts every week.

#2 Do no more than 16-20 work sets in total

Another muscles tip is to always do a little better than you did during your last workout. You either do more reps or more weight, as you focus on steadily improving from week to week. If you do limitless numbers of sets, and you train for two hours at a time, your recovery is going to get harder and harder and so will your ability to make progress. When you limit the total work sets per training session, you will focus on sets of the highest quality along with progressive overload.

#3 Upper/lower split

Muscle-building plan

Don’t break your workouts into chest day, shoulder day, arm day, leg day, etc. Yes, professional bodybuilders do this, but these guys/girls have been training for eternity. If you are an average guy/girl that wants to pack some size on, the most effective plan is to split your workouts into upper body and lower body days. This will let you train each muscle group more often, and it will give you double the growth stimulus each year.

If you train four days per week, you should train each of your muscle groups twice a week. If you are training only three times a week, just rotate through the four days using a ten-day schedule, or you can do upper on Mondays, lower on Wednesdays, and upper on Fridays, or whatever your workout days are.

#4 Make sure to include bodyweight exercises

Big barbell lifts are fantastic for muscles tips, but to reduce the risk of injury, your program should include a variety of bodyweight exercises. Do not make the mistake of choosing easy variations that do not offer adequate resistance to actually build muscle. Increase pressure with more advanced exercises, such as front lever holds, ring chin-ups, glute ham raises, single-leg squats, and dive bomber push-ups.

#5 Do 2-4 big barbell lifts every week

Muscle-building exercises

Exercises like presses, trap bar, squats, and deadlifts effectively build size and strength, and you need to ensure they are the cornerstone of your program. Every week, your program needs to have 2-4 of these lifts.

#6 Ensure you reduce risk of injury

One thing that’s rarely talked about but yet is directly related to holding people back from building muscle is the risk of injury. People get all excited and start training really hard for the first month or so. Then suddenly they get hurt and land up having to start right back at the beginning.

The way for you to avoid being part of this repetitive cycle is to ensure you properly warm up, listen to your body, and don’t do something if it hurts. Use ice and other recovery methods that are appropriate, and don’t let yourself go too heavy, to the state where it causes you to have less than perfect technique.

#7 Minimize your rest periods

How to build muscle

Training is hard work – and that’s the ultimate muscles tip out there! Workout time is not the time to stand around and text or chat between sets. You need to remain focused on what you are doing, and you need to always push your workout pace. Once you have finished a set, rest for 45 to 90 seconds.

Use shorter rest to increase the effectiveness of muscle building because it helps to accumulate this fatigue type that you require for growth. In addition, positive hormonal changes happen during training with shorter rest periods.

Pick a muscle-building plan that’s proven to work and stick to it for at least 12 weeks without doubting it or second-guessing whether you made the right choice. Do not allow yourself to become victim to information overload as this can paralyze you. If you are determined to enjoy serious results, you need to be laser-focused, and you must be relentless in pursuing your goals.

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