What do your legs and an offensive lineman have in common? Plenty! People seldom talk about them, they aren’t flashy, and they will by no means be given sufficient credit in spite of the vital job they do. While many believe that chiseled pecs or ripped abs are far more impressive than a set of powerful legs, you should not be fooled. When you train your legs you can improve the appearance of your entire body, boost your cardiovascular health, and burn more fat.

You don’t build a great lower body around calf raises and leg curls. Actually, you will be better off avoiding almost all of the machines. Also, you should take notice of muscles other than your quads. You can even try to stand on one leg now and then. Use this guide to work those muscles that far too often are ignored and you will have the inclusive playbook to build a winning body.

Limit the isolation exercises you do

Isolation exercises

You likely have seen guys at the gym that throw big plates onto a leg extension machine, and then grunt away as they focus on straightening their legs. What a waste of time this is. Moves like hamstring curls or extensions can make you feel like you are working your legs. However, what they actually do is limit how fast you can make gains in strength.

Isolation exercises do a better job of restricting the total number of muscles that are involved in a movement and in addition they decrease how much weight you are able to lift at one time, because there are fewer muscles accessible to allocate the load.

Exercises like squats and deadlifts use more muscles and let you use heavier weights, leading to more muscle stimulation at a faster rate, which translates to accelerated muscle gains and fat loss while you spend less time training.

Generate instability

Best exercises to reduce fat

Shoulder presses, squats, curls. What is common among these exercises? If you are like the typical gym rat, it’s likely you stand on two legs when you do these exercise. But when you alter these movements so that you stand on only one leg, all of your muscles need to work harder.

Going monopod also helps train your core, offers enormous benefits to your functional strength/stability, and it eliminates sly weaknesses. After all, in most of your day-to-day activities you spend the majority of your time standing on one leg or the other, not both of your legs, which is why it is important to train this way.

You may need to use lower weights, but it’s okay, because the benefits you will enjoy include an increase in strength, and an improvement in balance, which will outweigh any embarrassment you could feel because you are lifting a smaller dumbbell than you normally would.