Of course, choosing the right foods to pack is not the only important thing to remember, the size of portions you choose to pack is just as important. Younger children, per-teens, and teenagers will all need a different amount of food packed for their lunch and snacks, as all of them will not be needing the same amounts. In order to fill them up and keep from overeating it is significant to pack just the right amount and right size of portions.

Kids are sometimes a little pickier about what they will eat, so here are several tips to help you through that.

General kids’ lunch advice

Packing school lunch

Do remember to pack the foods separately, using silicon baking cups, as this helps in the separation ordeal of wet and dry foods together. Also, keep any small foods such as berries, legumes, and etc., together. Kids like it when a variety of colors and textures seem to light up their lunch box.

You can perk up that lunch by using a regular kitchen knife, by making strips from the sandwiches to cutting and dicing fruits and veggies, and making matchstick shapes out of them., and cookie cutters is a great way to make a kids lunch exciting.

Examples of lunches

School lunch recipe

Students who play in an after school sports event can deplete a lot of their bodies energy, this makes it important to pack lunches that are going to help to restore the energy they have lost. There are many different choices of foods that will do just that.

The following includes several good options:

  • This is the big one – kids need water in order to stay hydrated when participating in activities. They need to stay hydrated throughout the entire day, especially before, during, and after activities.
  • Trail mix – This is something easy to make by simply choosing the right foods to toss together. You’ll want to use foods like dried fruits, nuts, and wheat cereal, for this.
  • An average size apple/with nut butter
  • You should even take into consideration a snack for their post-workout, which is significant in replenishing the bodies glycogen, kids also deplete this when exercising, and let’s not forget about protein to help with a speedy recovery of the muscles.

Remember, hydration is the key focus – and water is always a must!