What makes French women so charming? Is it their clothing and flawless skin? Whatever it is, everyone else seems to adore it. How do they do it?

The book “The French Beauty Secret” has been released, and it can help us understand this “je ne sais quoi” about French women. In it, Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of the French beauty brand, Caudelie, talks about the things French women do that help them put the “Ahh” in French.

There are nine secrets French women follow to cultivate and preserve their beauty.

They don’t see skin care as “pampering”

According to Thomas, French women believe that a proper skin care routine is an unavoidable part of life. They don’t bother how much time it takes or which products they need. French women refer to beauty as an “art de vivre.” If you have the beauty, you can then feel good about yourself. Thomas recommends spa treatments, especially facials, whether or not you have to DIY in your bathroom 

Daily glass of wine

elegant lady wine

French women drink a glass of red wine every day. Not to indulge, it’s their way of taking part in their culture. In moderate amounts, red wine is great for your health. A glass of red wine on a daily basis helps to slow down the aging process.

Red wine contains the antioxidants resveratrol and polyphenols, they are great for anti-inflammatory purposes, slow down bacteria growth that causes acne, benefit heart health, ward off free radicals, improves circulation, and give skin a natural glow. Thomas learned her best secret of beauty from her grandmother: “Drink a glass of red wine and walk 30 minutes every day.”

Sex is good for the skin

Thomas hasn’t performed any scientific studies to back her up, but she believes that having orgasms benefits the skin, cutting out the dermatologist altogether. She also said it’s obvious that sex gives the skin a healthy glow. Thomas goes on to say, “Orgasm increases the circulation of blood and oxygen. And for those who have wrinkles, it also increases the production of collagen, which is what keeps the skin elastic.” According to the French, a skin care routine should include sex.

Minimalist approach to make-up

french beauty 2

Photo credit: Garance Doré

A French woman’s make-up basically consists of eyeliner, but just a smudge, and bright red lipstick swiftly rolled across the lips. With a “done, but not done” look, this is all the make-up they need, as they want people to focus on their healthy looking skin. They have no need to wear layers of make-up since they don’t have any flaws to cover up. French women are all about simplicity.

They eat healthy

The French enjoy healthy meals and do not curb their appetite with snacks in between meals. Thomas stated that to eat as the French you have to eat in moderation. The focus is on healthy foods, such as whole grains, fish, olive oil, produce, and small amounts of meat and/or dairy.

If a routine works, they stay with it

French women don’t wait for problems, such as a wrinkle, or acne that suddenly becomes noticeable, to start caring for their skin. They have the patience to take care of their skin all the time. They find what works for them and stay with it for life.

Cold showers

cold shower

Photo credit: Lars Zahner / Shutterstock

Thomas also stated that French women take warm (never hot) showers, jolting with cold water afterwards, stimulating their body, which in return tones and firms the skin.

They feel that skin care includes the entire body

Thomas suggests that it is also important that skin care be given to the neck and chest areas of the body, and beyond, referring to it as the “pleasure principle.”

Wrinkles are a sign that you have lived

Everyone should accept their wrinkles as a sign that they have lived and laughed, as the French do. The French are proud of their wrinkles, says Thomas, adding that it is best to live life being well balanced, focusing on the things that are now. Confidence, that is what it leads up to. Get yourself some, ma belle.

[Featured image credit: Garance Doré / Image cropped]