It is a well known, and also a proven fact that eating plenty of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, finding lean sources of protein does not have to be difficult, it can be found in soy, legumes (a bean, for those who don’t know), and fish, among other things, all of which are great for the health of your body.

These healthy foods, supply the body with necessary carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins. Healthy foods like these are naturally rich in the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that the body thrives on.

Can supplements take the place of eating healthy foods?

Buying supplements

Well, the answer to this question is obviously NO. There are many reasons explaining why it is important to continue with eating healthy foods, in fact, it is recommended that people should not take supplements just to be able to cut back on certain foods.

First of all, the foods you eat contain a mixture of components that cannot be found in the supplements that are provided to you. For instance, let’s say that you did not want to buy the orange for its vitamin C  your bones need so badly, so you decided to take a supplement for the vitamin C instead.

Secondly, if you feel that supplements are taking the place of the foods your body needs, you are going to be eating less of the healthy foods. For instance, you are taking supplements, so now you are thinking it is not necessary to worry about getting the healthy foods that is absolutely significant to your bodies health.

What should you eat to be healthy?

Healthy food

Another way to get fiber supplements would be to add them to other foods and even beverages and they can also be added to the foods that are already fiber-fortified. In this way you can be sure that no matter what your eating you will be getting your fiber supplemented. The benefits of fiber that your body receives is greater when you get them through eating healthy foods.

An example of healthy choices would be: For breakfast you have the choice of having grain cereal or a granola bar, both are healthy foods that are fortified with fiber, however, one of them also contain a lot more sugar than the other, so it is not the healthy food choice to make. Do you know which one that is? Yes, it is the granola bar, which is filled with sugars making it not as healthy a choice as the grain cereal.

Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains, and lean protein is the best choice in getting the necessary nutrients that the body needs. Taking multivitamins and/or multi-mineral supplements is not harmful, as long as they are not being used to replace not eating healthy foods.