If you are looking to eat and be healthy in today’s world, the following seven tips will help make sure that you remain on track and manage to reach the goals you have set for yourself this time. With various information available, we have created a list of the top hints and tips to help you in staying well, and fit.

This comes as part of help from Aldi, who helps people eat fresh and quality ingredients, as well as helping to educate and inspire readers we have requested help from Keris Marsden, a nutritionist and Matt Whitmore, a personal trainer from fitterfood.com.

These two co-wrote the book, Fitter Food: A Second Helping. Together they were able to offer advice on choosing the correct choices when exercising and dieting. Topics range from weight loss to dieting, and healthy foods to running.

1. Don’t exercise more and eat less

Exercising tips

Remember, the key to success is a healthy lifestyle. Although this could seem an obvious way to lose a few quick pounds, but avoid doing it. The fitness and diet industry has spent years creating products that control calories, and new training concepts that help people stay encouraged and depend on calorie counting, with exercise being the top method of effectiveness for managing weight.

2. Protein-rich diet and weight-lifting

Protein diet

If you are taking part in resistance training, it is always a good idea to make sure you eat healthy. This means a diet that is high in protein and nutritious, like chicken. Carbohydrates also restore the body after exercise, so don’t skip on those.

3. Exercising on an empty stomach is optional

Exercise routine

Exercising before eating breakfast is a common misconception. The truth is, it just depends on the individual, and what time of day you decide to train, what workouts you are doing, and so on. This combines both physical and psychological aspects.

There are people who prefer to fuel prior to working out, eating a health bar or something small to feel energized. Then, there are people that perform better without eating.

4. Consuming carbs after 6pm could be better for your body

Healthy carbs

There was recently a study done that shows there may be more health advantages to eating the majority of carbs at dinner, especially if an individual is overweight.

This is because carbs ate in the evening can result in daytime hormonal balances being improved, an encourage a healthy appetite and even weight loss through the day.

5. Low fat spreads, butter, or vegetable oils?

Butter diet

Studies show that butter really is the better choice when cooking. Vegetable oils are really high in omega-6 fatty acids and it can hinder the body’s ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids when consumed often.

However, butter is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, including A, D, E, even K.

6. Exercise the way you enjoy it!

Eating before workout

When it comes to exercising, any form will have weight loss benefits, such as resistance training, walking, even dancing. Although, the best method of exercise to enhance body composition would be the one that you enjoy doing the most. This is due to it being more fun for you, and there is a higher chance you will keep doing it.

7. Make better nutritional choices to feel and look better

Best diets

The saying we are what we eat is not just a myth. Of course, you won’t turn into a carrot or a cookie, but the nutritional choices we make is what affects our body composition the most.

If you try to train more than your eating habits could lead to injury in the long-term, even illness and possible weight gain because the body is not able to support the excessive amounts of energy being used without having the adequate and sufficient fuel, minerals and vitamins it needs.