If you start counting every single calorie you take in, you’ll end up with some abs, cut out some of that breadth, and drop pounds. Weight loss diets may go by different names, yet almost all of them will either be a low-fat, low-calorie, or a low-carbohydrate diet. What do people who have been there have to say about it?

Back in the 60s, the myth was just beginning to emerge that “fat is fat, and that’s that.” It began right after the publication of the book, “Now-Debunked”, by research scientist Ansel Keys. The reason the myth has stuck for so long is due to the connection Keys established between the energy density per gram of each macronutrient and gaining weight.

However, even if you cut fat out of your diet, there isn’t a big chance that you’ll lose extra weight. This is because not all fat is the same. Trans fat (in fried foods), for instance, is the worst. The research performed at Harvard Medical School has had results showing that there are only a few types of fat, such as trans fat that will put weight on you, making your waist size increase.

“The Big Fat Surprise” is the commentary-based book from the research, and in it there are reports from previous studies that were performed throughout recent years. There is this one report in particular which states that small amounts of certain fats, like monounsaturated fats, that come from avocados, nuts, and saturated fats found in coconut oil can help in losing weight.

healthy fats

Healthy fats. Photo credit: AlexPro9500 via Getty Images

That doesn’t mean you should go stuff yourself. Eat moderately. Having a diet that consists of fats means it has a high energy density, and it will be higher in calories, which means you’ll have to work out even harder. Diets that are higher in calories can cause weight increase, whereas if you want to lose weight, you would want to consume less calories. Science does it again, by proving that all calories can’t be equal to one another.

By stating that all calories are not equal, the scientists did not mean that a pound of ground beef will weigh the same as a pound of bread. There was a study performed at a Harvard School of Public Health that focussed on this as they confirmed, “it isn’t the calories you eat, it is what the calories are coming from.”

As for the low-calorie diets, it’s a bad idea, using poor judgement and the wrong strategy for losing weight. You don’t want a low calorie diet as they can be dangerous and rob your body of micronutrients and lead to malnourishment.

Now that we realize the pros and cons of the low calorie and the low fat diets there is only one other option left. It appears the analysis of current research data supportSs the low carbohydrate diet.