Are you still dealing with skin issues when you think the worry should be gone? You’re not alone, many people in their thirties are not simply starting to prepare for fine lines or wrinkles, they are still getting adult acne.

It’s a common thought that the older we get, the less we will have to worry about acne, but for some it just seems to get worse as time goes on. If you have tried all types of treatments and nothing seems to work, there is still hope. Below are the five ways to clear skin in your thirties.

Clean diet

clean diet

Even if your diet has always been healthy or somewhat healthy, have you ever had a craving for sweets that you gave in to? Simply by cleaning up your diet and eliminating sweets you can achieve massive results.

It can be challenging to avoid sugar, especially when you have a craving for some chocolate goodness. Most fruits that contain sugar, so introduce them into your diet instead of that chocolate bar, and you may see great results from this alone.

Note: other dietary triggers can include dairy, wheat, and other things. These “trigger foods” will lead to a flare-up even if you have the healthiest diet. The best way to find out your trigger is to eliminate one type of food at a time until you see results.

Stop short-term treatments

This cannot be stressed enough – stop using medicated pills or creams. Antibiotics can even lead to the body being thrown out of whack. Plus, the skin can end up being more irritated than ever before. You want to look into more long-term solutions that will be sustainable.

Use natural products

natural cosmetics

If you have taken the cleaner diet approach already, then your skin is being healed from the inside, and you need to take care about healing it from the outside. Instead of looking at medicated treatments, use products that are natural, clean, and organic. Don’t expect results right away, as these natural products can take longer to work, but they’re a healthier way to go.

Note: natural honey is a great way to care for the skin; it helps in many ways, as it is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing too. You can use it for a mask, face wash, or spot treatment.

Keep your hands off your face

There is a good chance you heard in the past that touching your face with your hands isn’t recommended because of all the bacteria on your hands. Did you know that it can also lead to acne breakouts? Yep, and picking or popping your pimples leads to even more inflammation, scabs, bleeding, and can cause scaring too.

Many ignore this little suggestion, or find it a challenge to not touch their face because it’s just become a habit. Fight the urge to touch your face to check for new bumps, etc. and reduce how often you actually touch your face throughout the day. After a week, you could see a big difference from this step, and without picking your bumps you may find they heal much faster as well.

Stop stressing over acne

face hands

Let’s just face it – most of the given steps are going to be a challenge, including this one. However, stressing over acne gets you nowhere, and many people spend more time worrying about breakouts than considering long-term solutions. It could even lead to more breakouts.

Keep in mind that acne isn’t something that clears up overnight, but once you begin making life changes, over time, you could begin to see major results. If you can’t make all five changes above at once, choose one or two and go from there.