If you are looking to live a healthier life, you will be glad to know that it’s now within reach. Healthy living is going to be a long-term commitment, but you can start with the following few steps that will make it a little easier on you.

Step 1: Taking stock

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Get a grip on your health now using the following checklist:

  • Set up dentist and doctor appointments. You should make sure you are up to date on immunizations, routine screenings, and present any questions you have to your doctor.
  • Gauge your girth. Start out by measuring your height and getting your weight, and then use this to determine your BMI. Also, measure the circumference of your waist. This determines if you’re overweight or at health risks.
  • Activity assessment. Begin by determining how active you are. In a typical week, how many physical activities do you do? What is the intensity level? Is there variety, do you enjoy it? It is recommended by the CDC to get a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderately intense exercise each week using a mix of aerobic activities with at least two days each week for muscle strengthening.
  • Food diary. You should keep a food diary or journal that tracks everything you’ve eaten for the day, including the things that you know you shouldn’t have eaten. Kathianne Sellers Williams, a personal trainer and wellness coach, stated, “write down everything without judgment, you cannot create change in what you’re not aware of.”
  • Energy and mood. Living healthy also involves emotional wellness and getting enough rest. You will find that your mood can be a result of not sleeping well, anxiety, or depression.
  • Think about social networks. Do you have a strong connection with family, friends, or social groups? C. Nathan DeWall, a psychology assistant professor, stated that “people are structured to have a lasting and positive relation with others.”

Keep in mind that even though you may not be happy about some of the answers, it’s about learning where you’re at and how to start your healthier living, not being right or wrong.

Step 2: Putting out the fires

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If you’re aware of having health conditions, especially chronic or sever issues from heart disease or depression to diabetes or arthritis among other possibilities, making a healthy living change is obviously a priority. However, the same can be said about addictive behaviors like smoking.

Generally, being able to address these problems isn’t a DIY fix and requires a doctor to help you through. You shouldn’t wait – call your doctor and make an appointment today.

Step 3: Get moving around more

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You should increase your activity, it goes without saying. Below are some of the best tips from Williams:

  • Make it enjoyable. You should do things that you enjoy doing, such as going on a hike, walking with friends, or taking a class like Jazzercise, and so on.
  • Keep track. As with foods, you should keep a journal and make a record of your physical activities.
  • Weekly activity goals. In order to build confidence, your first goal should be simple, something that you can easily do without failing. From here, get into the habit of setting weekly rather than daily goals, because missing a single day can be discouraging, while a week simply gives you more time to finish the goal.
  • Add more activities. Being able to do a percentage of something is more helpful than not doing it at all. That means that even if it’s 10 minutes instead of an hour, you should get to it.